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We run specialist courses/holidays for first time off -road riders. If you are a confident road rider we can teach you on one of our accelerator courses.

Learning to ride off-road is on of the best ways of improving your road riding.

Easy to use Yamaha WR250R bikes are ideal to learn to ride off road

Importantly we have several lowered seats available ensuring eveyone can get their feet down

We chose the trails according to the group and you will never be thrown into a group with riders with much more experience, our guides have the patience of saints understanding that everyone has a different learning curve..

It is no coincidence that many of the leading road/track racers have a background on off-road riding. Patient and passionate teaching ensures you learn 'the craft' in the safest way possible, 'you wont believe what you are riding after a couple of days!'

Apres Riding is a very important part of your ToroTrail experience, jump off the bike and a well earnt cold beer is only a couple of steps away at the 'Yamabar'. Our hot tub and pool are ideal to relax and recover from the days events. We then guide you to one of the many great restaurants in the area, or if its hot a BBQ by the pool is an option.


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