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Generally no news is good news ! .. we have loads of awesome news but are super busy delivering fantastic riding in beautiful surroundings. We are also much happier behind teh bars of a bike and not behind a computer ! .. excuses excuses ... 2015/16 will be the year of published news .. we promise.

New Garage Our new garage at Toro New base is nearly finished … looks amazing all ready for our new kit and bikes!

New Bikes We are expecting any day soon the first of our new WR250F bikes…

New Baseā€¦ We are loving our new base, every client so far has given it the thumbs up.. Its being brought up to full Toro Factory specification..

New Base We are delighted to announce we have a new Toro HQ. Our Old base will now become our Adventure Riding Centre.

The Extreme Channel Yep .. Blood Sweat and Gears the ever popular extreme channel programme aimed at dirtbikers have been over filming us again ... check out the video.

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